Faro Mojahedi is an Iranian-American photographer and multi-disciplinary creative, with a career that has spanned well over 30 years in advertising, architecture, portraits, landscape, food, still life, and fine arts. The seeds for Faro’s love of the  visual arts were planted during his youngest and most formative years in Iran. As an employee of the Ministry of Roads and Bridges, Faro’s father was often on the road visiting remote and developing areas of the country. An avid photographer himself, he documented his travels with images of architecture, nature, locals and their lives, much to the delight of a curious and imaginative young Faro. 

By 1967, fresh out of high school, the call for adventure had Faro packing his bags and leaving his home country of Iran to study physics at Pasadena City College in Southern California. While he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, he could not shake his first passion and made the courageous decision to follow his heart and focus his studies on photography and fine arts at the prestigious ArtCenter College of Design. 

Faro has dedicated his life to honing his unique style, which embodies the influence of the old masters, understanding of the nuanced attributes of light and optics, along with a deep appreciation for beauty seen and unseen. He fuses his creative talent and technical skills with the ability to capture both the moment and the essence of the subject matter. 

Based in Orange County, CA, Faro is available to travel for assignments nationally and internationally. If there’s an opportunity to hike and explore, even better. He keeps his gear, passport and hiking shoes ready!
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